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James Street Group Practice
 James Street Group Practice

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NEW patient online services - repeat prescriptions and online appointment booking. view your summary care record, view your more detailed record

James Street Surgery was the first practice in Cumbria to be enabled for electronic prescribing


This means that prescriptions can be sent straight to your nominated pharmacy electronically.EPS logo


If you see a doctor in the surgery, a prescription can be sent electronically to your pharmacy. By the time you get to the pharmacy, the staff will have had a chance to dispense the prescription.


If you take regular medications, you will benefit from electronic repeat dispensing: you can collect your medication each month from the pharmacy without having to come to the surgery and without having to request the prescription by phone or in writing. Ask the receptionist for a leaflet about this.


To nominate which pharmacy you would like your electronic prescriptions sent to, ask your pharmacist, or inform the receptionist.

Electronic repeat dispensing

If you are on regular daily medication we are now able to move your REGULAR repeat prescriptions for these medicines onto Electronic Repeat Dispensing.


How does Electronic Repeat Dispensing work?

You can obtain your repeat medicines directly from your usual pharmacy every 28 or 56 days for 6 or 12 months without having to contact the surgery to order a prescription.


Your prescription will automatically be sent to your chosen pharmacy every 28 or 56 days.


What you need to do

You just go to your usual pharmacy when you need more medication, or contact them by phone if you usually have your medicines delivered.


The Pharmacist may ask you some questions when you collect your medication to check that there have been no changes and that everything is still needed.


When do you need to contact the surgery?

After you have collected your last Electronic Repeat Prescription your GP will need to review your medication before sending more electronic prescriptions to the Pharmacy. This "reauthorisation date" is printed on the repeat medication slip that is included with your medicines. There may also be a message from the surgery from time to time.


The Pharmacist may give you some information with your last prescription to let you know what action you need to take before you contact the surgery to request a further supply of electronic repeat prescriptions (e.g. you may need a blood pressure check, a blood test and/or a review with the GP or nurse).


What about ‘as required’ medication?

Electronic repeat dispensing will only apply to the medicines that are taken in a regular way, for example "one twice a day".  All other items (for example "take 2 every 6 hours when needed") will not be sent automatically and will have to be ordered, either by yourself, your carer/relative, or your pharmacist.


If you have any questions about how Electronic Repeat Dispensing will work for you, please do ask the staff at your pharmacy, or contact our Medicines Management Team at the surgery.

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