James Street Group Practice

NCPC Vision and Values

North Cumbria Primary Care Ltd (NCPC) is a GP-led, not-for-profit company offering GPs the option to become salaried. It is built on co-operative principles. Our aim is to create a network of great family practices. We are building a multidisciplinary and multispecialty model of primary care and creating a platform to support general practice at scale.


The aim of NCPC is to enable its member general practices to continue to operate as individual business units, maintaining the “local” feel of a primary care service working as part of a community, with the benefit of a large and robust infrastructure to provide support. The salaried GP partners in each practice will have clinical responsibility for their registered patients and the quality and safety of the services provided, supported by organisation-wide governance, policies and procedures to ensure consistency, and standardisation in quality and service delivery.


The ethos of the company is one of collaboration, learning and continuous improvement which we believe is critical to ensuring the best and safest services for patients. The Vision for NCPC is ‘To develop sustainable, fully integrated primary care, built locally, delivered together’.