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Complaints and compliments

The practice is keen to receive feedback about the service it provices to patients. We particularly like to hear when you feel that things have gone well, and why they have gone well.

However, we also underestand that we cannot be perfect, even though we are trying to do our best as individuals within the constraints of the system. Therefore we are also keen to hear when things have not gone well from your perspective. We can then look at changes or developments that we can make to improve the service that we provide for the NHS.

Making a complaint

We aim at all times to provide the best care we can, though we understand that sometimes a patient may feel we fall short of the mark. If you feel we have, we encourage you to let us know. We encourage you to speak to whoever you feel most comfortable with – your doctor, nurse or receptionist. Or, if you feel you would like to speak or write directly to the Practice Manager then please do so.

A complaint can be made by a patient or person affected by the actions or decisions of the surgery staff. A complaint can also be made by someone acting on behalf of the patient or person, with their consent.

You can raise a complaint within 12 months of the event or becoming aware of the problem.

You can make your compliant verbally, or in writing.

We will acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days and explain how we will handle it, what to expect and the timeframe for the review and resolution process. When the investigations are complete you will be given a final response.

At all times your complaint will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

Follow this link to download our practice complaints policy and guidance.

Independent Complaints Services

If you prefer, you can make the complaint to the PCT by contacting the NHS Complaints team on 01539 797861 or by e-mail: comments@cumbriapct.nhs.uk.

You can also seek advice from PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Services). Their contact no is 0800 0320202.

If you are unhappy with the local resolution of your complaint, you are able to take this up with the Health Service Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is completely independent of the NHS and Government.

Contact details:
Millbank Tower
Millbank, London

Telephone no: 03459154033 (local rate service)

Email: phso.enquiries@ombudsman.co.uk (0830 to 1730 Mon-Fri).