James Street Group Practice

Repeat prescriptions

If you take medication on a long-term basis, you can order a repeat prescription in a number of different ways:

  • By using patient online services – this is the fastest method, and links directly to your medical record (you must register for this service).
  • By ringing our 24 hour repeat prescriptions hotline on (01900) 603535. This is an automated answer machine that will prompt you as you go.
  • Alternatively, you can order a repeat prescription by coming down to the surgery and filling in an order form and posting it in the repeat prescriptions box in reception.
  • You can also request a repeat prescription by completing the secure online form below.
  • To save yorself having to ask for regular medication every month, ask us to enrol you for electronic repeat dispensing – see the bottom of this page….

Your prescription cannot be ordered more than 7 days in advance of its due date and the prescription will be available for you to pick up after two working days.

Collection by a chemist

James Street Surgery offers a service whereby your prescription can be sent to your choice of local chemist – these include Gourlay’s, Whelan, Sandham, Tuschem, Boots and Urwin. To use this service simply inform a member of the reception team your preferred chemist or state your preferred chemist when you call the repeat prescription hotline. Your prescription will be ready to collect from that chemist within three working days.

  • Asda 01900 607730
  • Boots The Chemist Ltd 01900 602405
  • Gourlay W 01900 603258
  • Sandham JH 01900 602044
  • Tuschem Ltd 01900 705130
  • Urwins JS (Seaton) 01900 67679
  • Whelans FC Chemist 01900 603332
  • Moorclose 01900 62618

Electronic Prescription Service

For information regarding the EPS, follow this link. 

Prescription charges

Please follow his link for the latest charges and how to reduce your costs.

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 28th July, 2023