The way you access appointments is changing!

We want to share some exciting news about a significant change to our appointment system that will improve how Workington GP Practice delivers healthcare services to you from 10 January 2024 – we are moving to a Total Triage model.

Total Triage is a new approach recommended by NHS England to improve accessibility to Primary Care services. The main objectives are to:
Enhance the quality of care our patients receive
Ensure patients are given the most appropriate appointment or advice to meet their needs
Ensure that this is done in a timely way

How does this work?

All patients complete a short questionnaire to allow us to assess your needs and ensure you are directed to the most suitable person to care for you. Where possible, we ask that patients complete the form online via our website; however, our reception team are able to support any patients unable to fill the form in for themselves.
Our GP-led triage team will review each patient request to decide which member of our healthcare team is best placed to help, the most suitable timeframe for an appointment, and whether this is best suited to be by telephone or in person in the practice.

What are the benefits?

Improved Access to Care – Total Triage is shown to reduce waiting times
Convenience – digital communication means you can engage with us from the comfort of your own home or workplace
Enhanced Patient Experience – Total Triage improves communication and ensures that you see the person best able to help you in a timely way
Embracing Innovation – Total Triage enables us to adapt with the changing healthcare landscape and ensure you benefit from the latest advances in medical care.

We will be sharing more information over what this will look like and how this will work online, in the practice, and across the town. Please keep an eye out for further updates!

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